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Carpe Diem! Match with Your Valentine. – Elite Speed Dating.
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Carpe Diem! Match with Your Valentine.

Fritz-Gerald Morisseau of Elite Speed Dating and Frank Kermit, from, are regular contributors on Passion - Dating Dilemmas with Dr. Laurie Betito on CJAD 800. Frank a Dating Coach and author of the book The Frank Guide To Speed Dating, recently wrote a piece about Speed Dating on Valentine's day. We agree with his views and wanted to share his comments with you.

Carpe Diem! Match with Your Valentine.

This week is when everyone who is single is reminded of how great it could be to find that special person to connect with.

The hope of finding Love gets a boost on Valentine’s Day. If you want to find real love, you have to be OPEN TO WAYS OF MEETING NEW PEOPLE. A Valentine’s Day Speed Dating Event is exactly such an outing!

Speed Dating is one of the most efficient ways of meeting a group of new people in a short amount of time. The more people you meet, the more chances you have at falling in love with a soul mate. I know that sounds ridiculous and corny but the fact is that Valentine’s Day is finding that special someone, no matter how corny and cheesy the story comes out to be.

You are not going to connect to your soul mate staying at home! It will happen by getting out of the house and meeting as many people as possible.

3 Reasons to try Speed Dating This Week:

1) You get to meet a lot of different people within the span of a couple of hours. You are going to have a full variety of like-minded singles.

2) It is a way to test your date-ability. Let’s say you haven’t dated in awhile: maybe you were in a long-term relationship that has recently ended or maybe you aren’t really sure why you have been alone for as long as you have, and you want to see if you know how to attract a person. Speed dating is great because you are given the opportunity to attract as many people as there are at the event.

3) One of the best parts about speed dating is that, you can start dating new people right away.

Staying at home to avoid people, will only keep you alone. The whole point about speed dating is to get you out there, to meet as many people as possible in the short amount of time. Guess what, the people at the event are single too. So, Do Go OUT meet new people that are also single on Valentine’s Day.

3 Tips if you are new to Speed Dating on Valentine’s Day:

1- Do give someone a chance that asks you out

If someone takes a chance on Valentine’s day to match with you, give that person a chance and say yes to one date. Even If there is something about that person, but he or she is not exactly your type or does not fill exactly your list, they were interested in you on Valentine’s day.

2- Do Not Act Bitter

Everyone at the event is single on Valentine’s Day. Do not make things worse for yourself by acting bitter about it. It is NOT going to solve the problem or make you attractive. 

In fact, when you find your Elite Match you will be excited about celebrating Valentine’s day with them.

3- Be Open To Amazing Things Happening

Amazing things CAN happen JUST because it is Valentine’s Day, BUT YOU HAVE TO TAKE ACTION.

Lastly, Do NOT ignore Valentine’s Day. Just because you are single on Valentine’s Day does not mean you have to ignore it.

If you take the right actions, it can become one of the most important days of your life. The day you met the person you were destined for. Seize the day! Make the most of it by finding your match with Speed Dating!

Register now for our Valentine's Day Special Speed Dating event at L'Atelier d'Argentine Downtown. 

Frank Kermit, MA, is the author of The Frank Guide to Speed Dating Ebook


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