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Secrets Of Unethical Speed Dating Companies – Elite Speed Dating.
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Secrets Of Unethical Speed Dating Companies

 Beware of Plants!

No, not the garden-variety kind! I am talking about Speed Dating Plants. These are people who are what is called "seat fillers." Unethical Speed Dating companies make use of "seat fillers" or "plants" because sometimes it's hard for them to get an even number of men and women to attend one of their events. To even out their numbers, they have people they call who will attend an event as a plant.

Elite Speed Dating Never Uses Plants!  

There are Speed Dating companies that regularly use plants, but Elite Speed Dating never has and never will. Elite Speed Dating  prides itself on being an ethical Speed Dating company.  We want your speed dating experience to be authentic, honest, and fun! If we don't have enough people for an event, we simply don't run the event. 

 No Match?

Have you attended other companies speed dating events in the past and tried your best to make a match with someone, but the person said no? Did you feel like you failed? Well have faith in yourself because it may have had nothing to do with you at all!  You may have fallen victim to the work of a plant. Shockingly, some Speed Dating event organizers even use their own romantic partners as plants! Still others will call in their staff to fill seats. 

How To Spot A Seat Filler?

Identifying a plant is a tricky business. Sometimes the plants identify themselves when you meet them; but sometimes they don't. This is why you have to be alert when Speed Dating.

A good sign that someone is a plant or seat filler, is that they are NOT interested in being matched. They may seem uninterested in the event or chatting in general. They show no signs that they want to be matched with anyone,  and they give the impression that they are simply out for a night of fun and nothing more.

Ironically, it is their disinterest that can lead to them getting a high number of people who want to match with them. For people who like the energy associated with the "thrill of the chase" these seat fillers are alluring to them. People often make the mistake of saying no to other matches because they are holding out for the plant to say yes to them.

 Do not be taken by a plant. Do not say no to other matches, Do not limit your chances of meeting someone by holding out for one person to say yes to you.

Come join us for a speed dating event where every participate is a legitimate speed dater. We want people like you! Sign up for our next Elite Speed Dating event!  Connect with real people who have the same desire as you, that is; to make a true, honest connection with someone who wants to be matched.


Keep reading this blog for more tips on Speed Dating. 





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