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How To Boost Your Match Percentage When Speed Dating – Elite Speed Dating.
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How To Boost Your Match Percentage When Speed Dating

 Speed Dating is a fast and fun way to meet someone new. Do you know how to increase your chances for a match? Follow this simple formula to boost your match percentage at your next speed dating event.

1. Show Up Early!

Elite Speed Dating recommends that you show up 10-15 minutes early to their speed dating event. When you come in early, you can sit back and watch the other speed daters enter while you look for specific things. 

2. Observe The Crowd

What are you looking for? Look to see which speed daters are coming together. It's good to know who came with friends because sometimes a person may want to try speed dating, and be open to being matched but doesn't want to go speed dating alone, so they ask their friend/s to come along.  By coming early you will be able to see by people's actions, who is interested in being matched and who is just there to support a friend. This gives you an advantage by having some valuable inside knowledge at the event.

3. Be A Social Butterfly

On a speed date you are given an average of 5-7 minutes to talk to someone. However, you may feel that this is not enough time for you to present your best
and most attractive self. When you arrive early, you are able to TALK to as many other speed daters as you can before the actual event starts.

When you talk to the participants before the event, you give yourself time to get to know them more than the 5-7 minutes an average speed date would allow. In turn, they get to know you better as well. This increases your chances of a match! Be bold!  Why not arrange for an after-event instant-date with one of your matches?

4. Listening Skills Matter

While on your speed date when you have once again come face to face with the  person that you were talking to previously, (because you arrived early)  Wow them by bringing up a topic that interested them or repeating  something personal they had talked about with you.

This shows the person that YOU WERE LISTENING! Every one likes to feel that they were heard, and this subtle action can increase your chances for a match.

Follow this simple formula to not only boost your match percentage but also to have a great time on your next speed date!


Keep reading this blog for more tips on Speed Dating.






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