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Got A Match, But Now Your Match Does Not Want To Date? – Elite Speed Dating.
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Got A Match, But Now Your Match Does Not Want To Date?

Sometimes, you get a match, and your match refuses to date you

Usually, the reason is that someone started to date another match already and do not want to date more than one person especially when that first match was a REALLY GREAT MATCH. In fact, this is the number one reason why people do not end up dating after being matched. (So if you got a match, do not wait too long to contact the person and set up a date).

However, what happens when you waited too long and the person you got matched with, has already started to date someone else, and does not want to risk it by agreeing to date you even though you were also a match?

In those cases, you can still make a save.

Let that person know that you will stay in touch in case that person ends up single again.

In 3 weeks, communicate that person again to see if they are still single (maybe that last match they dated did not work out).

The best thing that can happen is the person may decide to give you a chance (after all, you did match up and it would have been you if you did not wait too long).

The worst thing that can happen is the person says they are unavailable.

If the person is unavailable, just let the person know you will again stay in touch and check in later. You can repeat this only two more times.

This should only be something you do when you really liked someone.

However, if the person tells you to stop contacting them, respect the boundary and never contact that person again.


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