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Conversation Tips for First Dates – Elite Speed Dating.
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Conversation Tips for First Dates

Conversation Tips for First Dates

By Christine Baumgartner


I know some people are very good at speaking ‘off-the-cuff’ and I also know when we’re nervous and/or excited thinking about what to say this way can be fraught with problems.
So I suggest coming up with a few questions to ask ahead of time because being prepared helps you:
  • Get to know him/her better.
  • Feel confident that you won’t get “stuck” for something to talk about.
  • Feel more relaxed while you talking – which will give you a chance to actually see how you feel about them.
To get you started, I’ve listed a few questions I use with clients (and also used when I was dating).
- If you have pets or like animals ask about their pets such as names, breeds, how did they get them, what is their pet’s favorite toy, and what is their favorite thing to do with them?
- If you are an active person ask them what their last fun activity was (or what is the next one they have planned).

- If music is important to you, talk about the CD you would take with you to a desert island and ask which one they would take.

- If reading is important to you, talk about your favorite book/author and ask them about the last book they read (or are currently reading).

- Think about your favorite way to spend a Sunday morning. Reading the Sunday paper cover to cover, a quick game of tennis, going to church, eating breakfast out? Then ask them their favorite way to spend their Sunday morning.

- If you have children or like being around children, ask them what the last thing was they did with children.

- If travel is important to you tell them the last place you went (or would like to go next) and ask them their favorite place or where they’d like to go next and why that place was/is special to them.

- Ask them who in their life has been an inspiration to them to live a good life and what did they tell them.

- If having long time friends is important to you then ask them who their longest friend is and how they met.
As you see these questions will help you find out if you have some of your core interests in common which is very important in creating a foundation for a long-term relationship.
Until then, happy dating!


Christine Baumgartner - Dating and Relationship Expert
Christine works with singles who are frustrated with their dating life and are ready to finally have a loving partner in their life and are willing to tackle what’s keeping love away so they’ll finally attract the committed loving relationship they desire and deserve.
As a successful coach for John Gray (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus) and combing her personal dating experiences Christine created The Transform Your Dating Life system. Christine knows this system works; it’s how she meet her husband Tony; they married in 2007.
Christine’s coaching provides the tools, encouragement, and support to help you finally met your last love.

Her Website is


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