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10 Chivalrous acts you must start using immediately!

by Karly Stein


1-Pick up the phone and call her when you say you are going to! 

Women pay attention to this much more than you think and when it happens you are getting brownie points in her mind and when it doesn’t the tick marks for when you do things wrong start being added up.


2-Open the car door for her!  

This one may seem outdated but it’s impressive when it happens, it gives her a sense of protection and she will notice that you care to make sure she gets in the car safe.

3-Walk on the side of the sidewalk closest to the street! 

This one must get forgotten about all the time because I see so many men get it wrong, again doing this is a non-verbal message that you are protecting her and want her to be protected at all times.


4-Walk her to the door after a date!  

Without the expectation of being invited in; that is the key here. This sends the message that you value her and want to make sure she is safe,


5-Let her order first!  

I used to think everyone knew this till I went on a few dates and had men order before me. I was shocked!   This is very important, it shows that you respect and value her, it’s also proper table etiquette.

6-Put the hand on the small of her back when out in public!  

This is a great non-verbal and public appropriate way of showing you protect her and are with her. Additionally, it just makes women melt.


7-Dress appropriately for the occasion! 

Most women who have fashion sense will pay close attention to this. If you are unsure of how to dress ask her, she would appreciate that you went out of your way to try and get it right then doing something like showing up to a party in gym shorts, t-shirt, socks and sandals (It happened to me). So spare her the embarrassment and dress for the occasion.


8-Carry her things for her!  

Yes, this may seem old fashioned, these all may, but old fashioned worked and still does.


9-Open the door for her!  

Many men get this right so I wanted to include it as a reminder but for any women reading this it’s important that we let him open the door for us.


10-Bring her Flowers!  

Or some gesture to let you know you were thinking about her.


So why is it important to be chivalrous?  

First, it’s just good manners. 

Second, it shows her that she is cherished, valued and that you want to protect her which are the three relationships needs for a woman.  In return, she will respect and admire you.  

Be the guy that is going to make all her friends envious because of how amazing you treat her.


Karly Stein is passionate about helping women and men create rock solid relationships. Karly is a Passion and Intimacy Coach, speaker author and host of Dating, Mating and Relating with Karly Stein. In her past 17 years of dating she has seen it all. In 2012 she became an intimate products consultant and quickly fell in love with learning everything she could about relationships, sex, intimacy, and dating. Karly’s mission is to share her experience with others and transform lives. In 2014 she completed her formal training as a Passion and Intimacy Coach and in 2015 became an Access Consciousness Bars® Practitioner. In 2018 became an Intentional Orgasm Facilitator.

Her website is

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