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9 Tips For First Date Confidence For Men – Elite Speed Dating.
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9 Tips For First Date Confidence For Men

 First dates are fraught with lots of questions, nerves, trepidation and insecurities. It takes courage  to put yourself out there, instead of staying at home on the couch distracted by television and snuggling your pet. Men have specific insecurities around first dates which challenge them. These 9 tips for first date confidence for men, will help men get out there and be successfully dating!

4  Reasons Men Can Feel Insecure About First Dates

1. It’s very important to men to ‘Do Things Right’ to avoid the feeling of failure.
2. Some men who have been married for a long time are dating again. They struggle with dating because they feel like "all the rules have changed."
3. Men want to make a good first impression for their date. They know they like the woman and have shown up for the date  wanting her to like him back. 
 4. If they like the woman, they’ll want a second date.

9 Tips For First Date Confidence For Men

1. Arrive to your date 5-10 minutes early. It makes women feel important and cared about when you’re already there.
2. Wave and give her a big smile when she walks through the door. This shows her you’re a warm and friendly guy.
3. Keep smiling and maintain eye contact as she approaches you. This makes a woman feel like she is the only woman in the room. (Which is how you should be feeling anyway right?!)
4. Greet her with a warm smile and a handshake. She’ll feel welcomed and get a chance to see how she feels when she makes physical contact with you.
5. When she asks you a question answer it, and then ask her the same question. If it’s something you can tell she feels passionate about the topic, ask her to ‘Please tell me more!’ or ask additional questions.
6. Always pay for the date.
7. If you liked her then tell her you’d like to see her again. Give her a day  you’ll be calling to set up the next date. If you will call her on Wednesday for example, verbalize that to her: "I will call you on Wednesday to plan our next date."
8. If she’s vague about whether she wants to go out again, you will have to accept you just might not be her type.​
9. Keep practicing. The more you practice the more comfortable and confident you’ll become on your dates. A man who is confident and comfortable with himself is always sexy.




Christine Baumgartner - Dating and Relationship Expert.
Christine works with singles who are frustrated with their dating life and are ready to finally have a loving partner in their life and are willing to tackle what’s keeping love away so they’ll finally attract the committed loving relationship they desire and deserve. As a successful coach for John Gray (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus) and combing her personal dating experiences Christine created The Transform Your Dating Life system. Christine knows this system works; it’s how she meet her husband Tony; they married in 2007. Christine’s coaching provides the tools, encouragement, and support to help you finally met your last love.

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