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by Karly Stein

Are you ready to manifest your perfect partner?

Are you ready to find someone to share your life with?

Yes, It is possible to manifest the perfect person in your life but there are some steps you need to take in order to open yourself up to that person.

1-Getting Clear-  I say this one often! In order to attract the perfect partner you need to know what you want in that person and how you want that person to be involved in your life.  What do they look like ideally, do they share your goals, are the an entrepreneur or business professional. What do they like to do in their free time?  How tall are they? What is their energetic vibration and more?   You also want to look at how you want them to be part of your life. Are you you wanting to get married? Just have a companion for the weekends and to travel with?

2-Action-  Like attracts Like! So once,  You’ve gotten clear about who you are looking for are you doing what it takes to attract them?  If you’re looking for an athletic person but are spending your time at home on the couch, chances are you aren’t going to attract them.

3-Clearing the past- When you think of your exes do you still get an emotional charge?  If so, than you are probably not ready for that next person to show up in your life.  It’s time to sit down and heal from your past relationships.   If not, than you are probably ready to manifest your perfect partner.

4-Raising your vibration-  I often hear people tell me ” I need a Girlfriend. I Need a Boyfriend”  Need is a very low vibration level and honestly it just sounds desperate.  You attract the perfect partner from love and the key is to truly love yourself so much that when you have more love to share with someone else.

5-Visualization– This is Key!   When we want to attract someone or something into our lives we need to see it and believe it.  So when you go to bed at night feel what it feels like to have that persons arms around you or you in their arms and do the same when you wake up in the morning.

6-Visibility-  Staying at home all the time is going to make it hard to meet someone, so get out there or join an online dating site.   You need to be seen in order to meet someone.

7-Don’t be attached to the outcome!-   This is the most important factor when it comes to manifesting anything!  It’s harder to do when we meet someone that we really like but its the key in manifesting them.  If things don’t work out than that just means someone better is on the way.


If you are ready to find that perfect partner, start by writing down how you see them in your life, what you ideally want them to be like and even write down your deal breakers.   Then start to take action and see if you are in alignment with what you are looking.


Karly Stein is passionate about helping women and men create rock solid relationships. Karly is a Passion and Intimacy Coach, speaker author and host of Dating, Mating and Relating with Karly Stein. In her past 17 years of dating she has seen it all. In 2012 she became an intimate products consultant and quickly fell in love with learning everything she could about relationships, sex, intimacy, and dating. Karly’s mission is to share her experience with others and transform lives. In 2014 she completed her formal training as a Passion and Intimacy Coach and in 2015 became an Access Consciousness Bars® Practitioner. In 2018 became an Intentional Orgasm Facilitator.

Her website is


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