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10 worst things you can do on a first date – Elite Speed Dating.
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10 worst things you can do on a first date

10 worst things you can do on a first date

By Christine Baumgartner


I’m usually focused on telling people how to succeed in their dating life.

Just to shake things up a bit (and get everyone thinking differently) I decided to take the opposite approach this week and offer you the 10 worst things you can do on a first date.
This approach will show you how very smart you are because you probably already know what not to do on a first date (and I thought you might appreciate a gentle reminder for any you might not have thought about lately).
1. Decide (before the first date) the person you’re going to meet is your potential husband/wife.
2. Don’t consider what information you’d like to find out about them.
3. Ask them about their ex-wife/husband, previous relationships, and recent dates.
4. Tell them about your ex-wife/husband, previous relationships, and recent dates.
5.Talk the entire time about yourself and don’t ask them “interested appropriate
first date ”questions about them.
6. Don’t talk about yourself and only ask them questions so they won’t have an opportunity to get to know you.
7. Use your cell phone for talking, texting, checking email, etc.
8. Arrive late.
9. Dress inappropriately and look un-groomed.
10.Glance around the room while you or they are talking.



Christine Baumgartner - Dating and Relationship Expert. Christine works with singles who are frustrated with their dating life and are ready to finally have a loving partner in their life and are willing to tackle what’s keeping love away so they’ll finally attract the committed loving relationship they desire and deserve. As a successful coach for John Gray (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus) and combing her personal dating experiences Christine created The Transform Your Dating Life system. Christine knows this system works; it’s how she meet her husband Tony; they married in 2007. Christine’s coaching provides the tools, encouragement, and support to help you finally met your last love.

Her Website is

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