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Why Didn't She Fall In Love with Him?

Why Didn't She Fall In Love With Him? by Kristin "KC" Casey   Dear KC, I'm a great catch. I have a promising career, healthy income, and beautiful house. I'm also handsome, witty, and great in bed, yet none of my relationships last more than six months. My last girlfriend said she was tired of trying to make me a better man. That I interrupted her all the time and was always late picking her up for dates. Aren't those little issues worth the trade-off of an otherwise good man? What's interesting about this question is that you consider yourself a good man, yet freely admit to these annoying character flaws you call "little...

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10 Chivalrous acts you must start using immediately! by Karly Stein   1-Pick up the phone and call her when you say you are going to!  Women pay attention to this much more than you think and when it happens you are getting brownie points in her mind and when it doesn’t the tick marks for when you do things wrong start being added up.   2-Open the car door for her!   This one may seem outdated but it’s impressive when it happens, it gives her a sense of protection and she will notice that you care to make sure...

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10 worst things you can do on a first date

10 worst things you can do on a first date By Christine Baumgartner   I’m usually focused on telling people how to succeed in their dating life. Just to shake things up a bit (and get everyone thinking differently) I decided to take the opposite approach this week and offer you the 10 worst things you can do on a first date. This approach will show you how very smart you are because you probably already know what not to do on a first date (and I thought you might appreciate a gentle reminder for any you might not have...

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Prepping Your Pad For a Date

Prepping Your Pad For a Date by Kristin "KC" Casey   I frequently ask to see pictures of a client's home and bedroom, to assess its seductiveness for dating and intimacy. Often, I see a shortage of the type of comforts and conveniences women appreciate, such as a place to set down a purse or jacket (other than the floor), softer sources of lighting than standard ceiling fixtures, and fresh clean towels in the bathroom. Last night I watched the movie The Big Sick, which had a scene depicting this very issue. Early in the movie the lead character brings home a date. She asks where she might put down her things, glancing awkwardly around his bedroom. He gestures to a spot on the...

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10 TIPS FOR DEALING WITH OPPOSITE IDEOLOGIES WHEN DATING by Karly Stein We live in interesting times, don’t we? Many of us are taught from early on that it’s not polite to talk about politics or religion, especially on a date.  (We can get into the issue of that at a later time.)  We are living in a time where things are very polarizing and hidden beliefs are coming to the surface.  So it’s very possible that you have gotten married and realized your ideology and beliefs about life, politics and human rights are completely different from your partners.   Yikes!...

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